Orange peel

Orange peel is the primary waste matter in processing orange juice or eating oranges raw. These are the major by-product of the citrus processing industry.

Orange peel

Orange peel


Orange peel enriched with:
· 22% cellulose
· 23% sugar
· 11% hemicellulose
· 25% pectins
· Lignin
· Vitamin C
· Fiber
· Vitamin B6
· Folate
· Calcium
· Essential oils
· Polyphenols (Flavanoids, Hydroxy-acids, Coumarins, Catechins)
· Enzymes
· Peptides
· Highly lipophilic compounds


Orange peel

Orange peel

Benefits of Orange Peel

  1. Orange peel contains a flavonoid called hesperidin that regulates cholesterol
    and blood pressure. PMFs “Polymethoxylated flavones” help lower cholesterol
    more effectively than medicines.
  2. Histamines are the allergic-causing chemicals prevented by orange peel
  3. It helps reduce the growth of cancerous cells. People consuming orange peels
    daily have recorded fewer chances of having lung and skin cancer than those who
    only eat its pulp.
  4. It helps in burning your body fats by increasing metabolism.
  5. Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, orange peel helps treat
    different digestions and gastrointestinal problems i.e. heartburn, diarrhea, and
  6. It keeps your breath fresh by fighting cavities.
  7. It helps treat skin problems such as dead cells, blackheads, pores, acne, dark
    circles, and dry skin. It glows on your skin.

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