Orange peel tea

The dry residue of orange juice or eating oranges raw is known as orange peel. This by-product of the citrus processing industry is known to be high in flavonoids. Flavanones, nobiletin, hesperitin, orientin, and eriodictyol glycoside are among the flavonoids found in orange peel.

How to make orange peel tea:

The Simplest and easiest method of making orange peel tea is by using orange
dried peel powder or skin/peel of fresh orange.

  • According to consumer choice, adding desired flavors to the tea enhances its taste
  • You only need to add peel powder or freshly washed peel in hot water and boil it for
    5-10 minutes
  • Sieve it and enjoy your magic tea
  • It can be served as hot or cold as per consumer desires
Orange peel tea

Orange peel tea

Orange peel tea benefits:

  • It is the best detoxifier and fat cutter
  • It contains anti-cancerous properties
  • It helps you to reduce weight
  • It regulates your blood pressure keeping you healthy and fit
  • It glows and brightens up your skin
  • It is a massive pack of vitamin C
  • It helps you to maintain your immune system

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