How to eat dragon fruit:

The dragon fruit also called strawberry pear or pitaya, it is a sweet and crisp tropical fruit. When ripe, its skin is bright red or yellow and scaly. It can be sliced in half to reveal a white or red flesh dotted with tiny edible seeds. The fruit is low in calories and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The skin of the dragon fruit can either be eaten or discarded (removing edible skin does not affect the overall nutritional value of the fruit).

How to eat Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit


Selection of fruit; Choose a dragon fruit that is bright red or pink. This means that the fruit is ripe. Press the flesh of the fruit with your fingers. It should have a little give, but should not be mushy. Avoid fruit that is too soft, has dark blotches or bruises, brown dry spots, or dry spines. If you are buying dragon fruit whole, select one that is bright in color. The fruits typically range from yellow to pink in hue, and as the name suggests, many have bright green scales on their rinds. Look for fruit that has red-colored flesh peeking through the scales. Unripe fruit will be yellow with green scales. Make sure to select firm fruits with no cracks and bright-colored skin (the whiter the skin, the more neutral its flavor).

Washing; Wash your hands and wash the dragon fruit. Like any other food, you should wash a dragon before you cut into it. Rinse it under cool water for 1 minute to remove any dirt or bacteria that may cling to the skin or flesh.

Cutting; you can cut it in half. Cut directly through it with a sharp knife. You may either use a spoon to scoop it out, or cut it into cubes and cook it to your liking. If the fruit is ripe, it should effortlessly separate from the peel. Inside the fruit, you’ll discover dazzling white flesh that looks like a kiwi, with small black seeds strewn around. Place the cubes on a plate or bowl and enjoy!

how to eat dragon fruit

scooping of fruit pulp

Dragon fruit is a versatile fruit that you can eat in many ways. It can be eaten out of hand or added to smoothies and salads.

Dragon fruit is fabulous in a blender, but can also be used in desserts.

  • Cutting the yellow dragon fruit is similar to the white dragon fruit. You can either peel the flesh away from the skin and enjoy the flesh as is or cut it in half and then scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

    how to eat dragon fruit

    Cutting of yellow dragon fruit

Wash your hands before you handle the yellow dragon fruit to avoid getting its juices on your hands. Store the pieces of yellow dragon fruit in an airtight container in the refrigerator if you don’t plan on eating them right away.

How to eat dragon fruit

Cube cutting

Yellow dragon fruit is slightly more acidic than red dragon fruit. The flesh is firm and crunchy, with tiny edible seeds throughout. Yellow dragon fruit can typically be found from July through September in the United States and from December through February in Mexico.

  • Dragon fruit is especially delicious when served cold, you may want to refrigerate it before eating. In addition, you should avoid the skin of the dragon fruit because it is inedible and has an unpleasant taste.

    how to eat dragon fruit

    Smoothie of dragon fruit

All dragon fruit have similar flavors and textures, but different benefits since each color provide different nutritional profiles. For instance, white dragon fruit has anti-inflammatory properties while the red version contains lycopene (like tomatoes) which helps prevent cancer.

  • You should eat it within a few days, as dragon fruit does not store for long.

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