Apple sauce

Homemade applesauce adds great flavor to any meal. Homemade applesauce is a healthy and uncomplicated way to use up apples. Select your apples by choosing varieties that are good for cooking. Avoid using McIntosh apples or any apples that have a low tolerance to turning brown when exposed to air. Although you can use any type of apple in this recipe, you will end up with a product that is less tart.




  • Wash the apples under cold running water and drain them well.
  • Then, core them by removing the seeds and strings on each side.
  • Cutaway the peel on each apple quarter by using a sharp vegetable peeler or knife. Use care not to dig too deep into the flesh of the apple with either tool (you want to keep most of the apple peel intact).
  • To remove some of the toughness of the apple fibers, cut away small sections of the firm white part just inside each quarter. Then dice or quarter each peeled apple quarter into smaller chunks about 1/2-inch in size (this ensures even cooking) and slicing 2 ½ pounds of apples (approximately 3-4 medium or 5-6 small apples).
  • Add ½ cup of water to a pot, place the apple slices in the water, add lemon peel, and lemon juice, and add 1 cinnamon stick if you like that flavor.
  • Cover the pot & cook on low heat for about 15 minutes or until becoming tender. After the fruit has cooked down into mush, remove the lemon peel &  turn off the heat, and allow it to cool slightly before blending or puréeing until smooth. Serve warm and enjoy!

  ⇒ This applesauce has a nice balance between sweet and tart notes. It is rich and flavorful without being too sweet.

Health benefits of applesauce:

Apple sauce has health benefits and is tasty too! There are the following health benefits of applesauce:

  • Apple sauce is high in fiber & contains vitamin C.
  • It can be used to replace other high-calorie or high-fat ingredients in a recipe.
  • Apple sauce may help lower your blood pressure.
  • It’s rich in antioxidants.
  • Apple sauce is full of prebiotics, which is food for probiotics (the healthy bacteria in your gut).
  • Apple sauce is naturally fat-free and cholesterol-free.
  • Applesauce promotes better heart health.
  • Make applesauce a part of your regular diet to gain the benefits of this nutritious food.



Applesauce is the perfect way to use up your summer apples! Homemade applesauce freezes perfectly and lasts for up to two months. Simply allow the cooked applesauce to cool completely, then place it in freezer bags or containers making sure there is no air in the container. Once you are ready to eat it, thaw out the applesauce in a bowl on your kitchen counter overnight and serve with toast or vanilla ice cream.

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